“Chris Alexander at Suspension Tech has done all the servicing, re-valving and shock science on my Bilstein shock absorbers which have I run in my Mk2 Escort rallycar for the last 14 years.

The service has been fantastic and I have had no workmanship related failures in this time. Chris knows his stuff and his knowledge has contributed greatly to all my motorsport success.”

Craig Stevens ~ 1998 National Rally Extreme 2WD Champion


“It’s been approximately 6 weeks since Suspension Tech fitted POWERED shocks and lowering springs into my VE Ute and I have travelled 3,000km since. It is so different to the factory set up!

It handles and brakes really well, but the most noticeable thing is the road contact, and no matter how rough the road or the speed being travelled, it feels like it is glued to the road.

Thanks for the extra time you put in measuring spring ratings to give me the best options for springs. Had no problems recommending you to other people and also mechanics who were impressed with the price of your shocks”

Rob ~ Tauranga

“I had my 155 down at Manfield last weekend (10th May.) at an Alfa Club meeting. Had a short qualifying session, then 3 x 6 lappers and finally a 12 lap race, so had some good track time with the car.

I was very pleased with how it felt. It was quicker off the line than others around my grid position (near the back) so the qualifying position was probably down to the driver , not the car.

It seemed quite happy to turn in, not heaps of understeer, but the driver has also made some improvements in technique too, there was very little body roll through the coners and handled the S bends without making the driver feel seasick.

At the end of the day I was driving the car feeling very confident that it was not going to spit me off the track unless I did something really silly

Had  some sideways driving around the dunlop sweeper, a small bit of unwinding the lock and the car just straightened up and carried on.

So all up, I am very happy with the outcome of your work, I was driving with a lot of confidence in the car by the end of the day.

Thanks heaps.”

Gordon Linton ~ Tauranga


“The AutoGrafiX Venom Phase III off road race car is now arguably the best handling car in the country after the complete rebuild and development work undertaken since I destroyed the car at Woodhill.

The time and effort put in by Chris at Suspension Tech has paid dividends everytime we take the car out and Chris has given us all the support and knowledge we need to set the car up for different conditions. The results speak for themselves and I look forward to the new season.”

Paul McCormack ~ ORANZ 2012 Class 3 North Island Champion