When it's in need of some attention...


With over 30 years experience as an Engineer, Chris has developed a strong eye for detail along with quick, efficient and effective methods for repairing or modifying your existing shock absorbers. If the budget does not warrant buying new, then often repairing your current shocks can breathe new life into them and get you back on track again quickly.

It is vital that when choosing a technician to repair or modify your shocks, you look for someone with a wealth of experience who has worked with a variety of brands and models to ensure you are guaranteed a quality job. This is where Suspension Tech Ltd can step up and confidently complete your requirements in anything from Race to Rally to standard Road cars.

Once the repair or modification is complete, the unit is Dynotuned for accuracy.

We are proud to work with Bilstein, Tein, Ohlins, Blitz, MCA, Cusco, Reiger, Proflex shocks along with obsolete brands which are no longer available off the shelf.

Get the job done right, on time and on budget by entrusting your shock repairs and modifications to us. Call now on 027 214 5325.